Best Dslr Camera Under 50000

In the last few years, DSLR camera has become affordable and hence many people are shifting to a DSLR camera. Though mobile cameras have improved, it is no match to what a good DSLR camera can deliver. See our review of the best DSLR camera under 50000.

Best Dslr Under 50000 | GuruReview

Within a price range of about Rs 50,000 to 55,000 you can find a decent DSLR camera with a proper lens set. This is enough to get you started. But the key question many of our user ask is why DSLR.

Why DSLR Camera ?

As we mentioned, the mobile camera is no comparison for DSLR. The main reason for that is sensor size of DSLR is 4 to 6 times bigger than mobile phones. Only challenger of DSLR camera is the mirrorless camera but they are significantly costlier.

The size of the sensor directly translates into the amount of light it will absorb and used to create the picture. Hence, it is easy to understand that DSLR will produce a good quality picture in a given light condition.

The best DSLR camera under 50000 is a good starting point for both amateur and professional.  Camera in this range will have few additional features than just an entry level DSLR camera, which costs about Rs 30000. 

The key difference between an entry level camera and a more advanced camera is that latter provides additional features, e.g. metering, a higher number of AF points, higher ISO range, etc. 

We recommend that you read the DSLR Camera Features and Functions – Buyer’s Guide given at the end of the article, if you want to know more about these features.

1. Canon EOS 200D II DSLR Camera

Canon 200D II DSLR camera replaced the Canon 200D in year 2019. It is lightweight and an advanced entry level camera suitable for daily photography.
Ergonomically the design is comfortable and has a well led out function dials. It comes in 3 colors black, silver and white and looks stylish and up market.

Key Features 

  • 24.1MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Effective ISO 100 – 25,600 (H:51,200)
  • DIGIC 8 processor
  • Shutter Speed 30 – 1/4000
  • Multiple Metering Mode
  • 9 AF Points, Live View: 3,975 selectable focus positions
  • Lens shift-type image stabilization
  • EV – 4 focusing limit
  • Eye Detection AF (One Shot & Servo AF–Live View)
  • Light weight
  • 9 Auto Focus point
  • Image transfer via Bluetooth
  • 4K Video capability
  • Vari-angle 3 Inch Led
  • Only MP4 movie format
  • Size slightly bigger than one it replaces
  • Viewfinder coverage only around 95%

Canon 200D II is an all rounder camera and the one of the best DSLR camera under 50000. It comes with a 24.1 megapixels, a compact body and an APS-C CMOS sensor. The newest DIGIC 8 processor and cool features like creative assist and smooth skin make it a favorite. 

Besides above, it has an Eye Detection feature in live mode, which is useful to track a moving object and maintain the focus. Another key attraction of the camera is its 4K capability at this price point. Though they are basic but it meets the need for an average user. 

Only thing you need to know is that when recording 4k in video mode, a crop factor of roughly 2.6 applies, which means taking a wide angle shoot is difficult with your normal kit lens. 

Conclusion - Canon 200D II is the best DLSR camera under 50000 :

Canon 200D II is the best DSLR camera under 50000 and we strongly recommend it, especially for those who need something better than a basic DSLR camera. The closest rival is Nikon 5600.

2. Nikon D5600 Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D5600 is a compact and lightweight DSLR camera, which was first introduced in 2016. Being the lightest DSLR camera in D5000 series, it is easy to handle and a good fit for intermediate photographers. This is the second best DSLR camera under 50000.

It features 24 effective megapixel, 5 fps continuous shooting speed, 39 AutoFocus point, EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, an ISO range up to 25600 and Full HD video capability.

Key Features 

  • 24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • ISO 100 – 25600
  • 3.2″ Fully Articulated Screen
  • 39 Auto Focus Points
  • 5.0 fps continuous shooting
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) video resolution
  • Built-in Wireless
  • 39 Auto-Focus Point
  • 3.2 Inch Vari-angle LCD
  • Good battery life
  • Superb image quality
  • Not Effective App SnapBridge
  • No 4k Capaility
Key advantage Nikon D5600 has over others is its 3.2 inch Vari-angle LCD screen with intuitive touch interface. The image quality of this DSLR camera is sharp and vibrant. The movie quality is also good even in low-light situations.
From a usage perspective Nikon D5600 DSLR camera is effective for both portrait and sports photography because of 5 fps and 39 AF points.
When compared, Nikon D5600 has matching specs with Canon D200 II DSLR camera. The only major downside for Nikon is its app SnapBridge, which is not as effective as Canon’s.

Conclusion - Nikon D5600 is the second best DSLR Camera under 50000

Nikon D5600 DSLR camera is an excellent choice for a new and intermediate photographer. It performs better in battery life than Canon, with the ability to take about 200 odd more photos. Also, for wildlife and sports photography Nikon DSLR camera is better because of 39 AF points. This is one of the best DSLR Camera available under 50 K.

However, if given a choice between the Nikon D5600 and Canon 200 II, we prefer Canon. The key reasons for this are:

  • Canon is a smaller DSLR Camera, which makes it easier to carry all day.
  • Dual pixel Auto focus is better than Nikon’s AF; This makes it ideal for new and intermediate users.
  • For videography, Canon is again a winner over Nikon because of a better object focusing and tracking capability.

3. Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

Nikon D5300 DSLR camera sits between Nikon D3000 and D7000 series. Nikon D3000 is the entry level DSLR camera while D7000 is an enthusiast level camera. Hence, D5300 perfectly fits in between and meet the exact need of someone wanting a higher version of entry level DSLR camera. This is third best DSLR camera under 50000.
In the conclusion section, we have compared Nikon D5300 to D5600 and presented our view, so keep reading.

Key Features 

  • 24.1 effective megapixel
  • ISO 100-12800 standard, up to 25,600 expanded
  • 39-point AF system, 9 sensors cross-type
  • EXPEED 4 processing
  • 5 fps continuous shooting
  • Pixel RGB metering sensor
  • Full HD p60 video recording
  • 3.2″ Vari-angle touch screen LDC
  • Compact size
  • Full HD recording
  • High focus points
  • Great for Sports photography
  • ISO range is limited
  • No Blue tooth
  • Shorter battery life

Nikon D5300 features 24.2 effective megapixel, 5 fps continuous shooting, and APS-C Sensor. Video quality and Auto focus capability are very good owning to full hd resolution and 39 AF points. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS.

Conclusion - Nikon D5300 is the third best DSLR Camera under 50000, especially if you are on budget

As you would have realised that Nikon D5600 (release year 2016) is the latest DSLR camera and released 3 years after D5300 camera. Both these cameras produce good quality images and are higher on preference. 

Though price range for D5600 is reasonable but is still higher than its younger brother D5300. The question to ask is, should I spare more money for a D5600 or stick to the younger brother?

When we compared: Nikon D5600 and D5300 we found that it’s worth spending a little more on D5600 because of following reasons:

  • D5600 is only slightly lighter, about 2% than D5300.
  • ISO range for D5600 is up to 25600 while that of D5300 is only up to 12800. Thus, D5600 has an advantage in low-light situations.
  • It has a blue tooth technology but lacks GPS which D5300 has.
  • D5600 also has a longer battery life with the ability to take about 300 extra images per charge.
It’s clear that D5600 is a better choice except for price and GPS tracking, which D5300 offer. So, if you already have D5300 then there is no point to upgrade to D5600 but if you are buying new, then go for D5600. 

4. Canon EOS 800D Digital SLR Camera

Launched in 2017 Canon 800 D is the latest and upgraded version of Canon 750D. It comes with APS-C sensor camera and a 24 megapixel resolution. It is a step up camera than an entry level camera like 2000D or 4000D series. Canon 800D is the forth best DSLR camera under 50000.

Key Features 

  • 24.2 MP Sensor
  • ISO range 100-25600
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor
  • 45 Auto-focus points
  • Full HD Video
  • WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • Max Shutter Speed 1/4000
  • 45 AF points
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • 3.0″ Vari-angle touch screen LCD
  • Classic and sturdy body
  • Good for all round photography
  • Good battery life , 600 images per charge
  • Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus
  • Does not have 4K
  • High Cost comparatively
With a more advanced processor as DIGIC 7, canon 800D can achieve 6 frames per second and has max shutter speed 1/4000. This makes it a fit DSLR camera for sports, wildlife and wedding / birthday photography.
Another key feature of Canon 800D is Dual Pixel AF technology along with 45 cross-type AF points. So, you cannot go wrong with Auto-focus while using this camera.

Conclusion - Canon 800D is more advanced but slightly costlier than Rs 50000 hence we have categorised it as forth best dslr camera in our review

Canon 800D may be a little costlier but it’s worth the value if you want something more in the package. But if you have a constraint in budget, then definitely check out its younger brother Canon 750D

It is still a good camera with slight drawbacks when compared to 800D. Key difference is Auto-focus type, the number of AF point, Processor type (Digic 5) and 5 fps capability.

5. Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera

Canon 77D is an advanced DSLR camera and sit below 80D rather than above 800D. It has a strong and sturdy body camera with a good holding grip. The DSLR camera comes with 24.2 megapixel sensor, ISO range 100 – 25600 and Full HD video. It is the fifth best DSLR camera under 50000.

Key Features 

  • 24 Megapixel
  • DIGIC 7 image processor
  • ISO 100-25,600
  • 45 point AF with all cross type
  • Fully articulated Screen
  • 6fps viewfinder, continuous AF servo live view at 4.5 fps
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • WiFi, NFC, and the blue-tooth
  • Great image quality with low noise
  • 6fps continuous shooting
  • 45 cross type AF points
  • Good battery life
  • No 4K recording
  • Pricey for an APS-C sensor DSLR
Key features in this DSLR camera offers is full HD video shooting at up to 60fps, including other functions like HDR movie and time-lapse. Another key feature Canon 77D offer is a top panel LCD, which is perfect for checking key settings quickly.

Conclusion - Canon 77D provides additional features at additional cost. We have kept it under the list of best DSLR Camera under 50000 because its worth exploring the option.

Though most of the people would be good with a DSLR camera suggested earlier but others may want more. This camera will definitely fit into their requirements.
So, if you are very serious about photography and plan to take it up professionally, then Canon 77D is a good option. Though it sits below Canon 80D but feature wise, it matches most of it.

DSLR Camera Features and Functions - Buyer's Guide

Camera Exposure

Exposure defines the amount of light that falls on the camera sensor. Based on the exposure, the image may look either bright or dark.
Though this concept appears simple but to have a control, it requires good practice. There are 3 things that impact exposure Shutter speed, Aperture Size and ISO.
Best DSLR Under 50000 | Exposure | GuruReview

Source of Images is the website “Exposure guide”.

Getting a right exposure is about balancing the three in such a way that you can get best out of the scene. To learn this, you need to go out in the field and try various options.
If you are a beginner, then you can take advantage of the Auto Mode setting and it will do most of the work. Remember, a underexposed or overexposed photo is difficult to improve even in post processing.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is the time for which the light falls on the image sensor. It varies from 1/1000th of a second to 2 or 5 seconds.

Most of the DSLR cameras allow the photographer to define and control this. Depending on your need, you may like to set up the camera at different shutter speeds.
For example, if you want to capture a crisp image of moving objects, you need the shutter speed at 1/400th of a second. On other hand, if you want to photograph a night scene with lights showing as lines, you need a high shutter speed of 5 Sec.
Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 | Slow Shutter Speed | GuruReview

A low shutter speed to capture the flow of light as a continuous image.

Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 | High Shutter Speed | GuruReview

A high shutter speed to capture the sharp image of a moving object. 

Source of Images is the website “Exposure guide”.

For a sharp image, allow high shutter speed and for a blurred image, allow a lower shutter speed.
Also note, low shutter speed allows more light to fall on sensor compared to high shutter speed. Thus, shutter speed also impacts the exposure of light to the image.

Aperture Size

Aperture is the size of the hole in a front part of the lens that allows the light to pass through and fall on an image sensor.
To express aperture size, a dslr camera uses f-number. F-number can be f/1.4, f/1.8, f/2, f/2.8, f/3.5, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/16, and f/32.
Moving one f-number higher (example from f/1.8 to f/2), it allows a double amount of light to enter the camera. Thus, as the f-number increases, the aperture gets wider, allowing more light to enter the camera. 

ISO Sensitivity

ISO does not directly control the amount of light entering the camera sensor. Yet, it is one of the sides of the exposure triangle (Aperture – Shutter Speed – ISO).
The ISO manages the sensitivity of the camera sensor and uses it to brighten the in-camera photo. Thus, keeping the light same, we can increase the ISO to make an image brighter.
Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 | ISO Exposure | GuruReview

As we increase the ISO, the image becomes more granular. Hence, we should not increase ISO beyond certain points.

In a low light situation, we should look at the f-number and shutter speed to balance out quality of image versus exposure.

Source of Images is the website “Exposure guide”.

White Balance

White Balance helps to counterbalance the color effect of the light source. This feature of the DSLR Camera helps to ensure that the color of objects looks natural.
Most of DSLR cameras come with inbuilt Auto “White balance” feature. However, many professional photographers control it manually.
It is easy to change the white balance in post processing with photo editors like Adobe Photoshop CC.
Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 | White Balance | GuruReview
Remember, if you plan to have higher control on your photos in post processing them get a RAW photo rather than JPG.
The advantage of managing the white balance in post-processing is that you can experiment with various options and then choose the best.
Source of Images  “Google Images”.


Modern DSLR cameras have “Metering mode” or sometimes called “Exposure Metering” or “Metering”. Metering shows what the correct Aperture and Shutter Speed should be, depending on light entering the camera and ISO value.
The top end DSLRs calculates the Metering in either of 3 ways:
  • Matrix Metering (Nikon) or Evaluative Metering (Canon)
  • Center-weighted Metering
  • Spot Metering
  • Partial Metering (Only Canon, not commonly used)
The only problem with metering is that it’s not 100% perfect in low light. With experience, a photographer can learn how much to rely on camera metering.
Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 | Metering | Gurureview
Matrix Metering or Evaluative Metering mode is the default metering mode on most DSLRs. It works by dividing the entire frame into several “zones” and then analyzing each one for light and dark tones.
Center-weighted Metering evaluates the light in the middle of the frame and its surroundings and ignores the corners.
Spot Metering evaluates the light around your focus point and ignores everything else.

Source of Images  “” 

Auto Focus

Most of the DSLR cameras have advanced auto focus built in. This comes very handy when you are taking photographs at an event when things are dynamic around you.
For taking sharp images, getting the focusing right is the key. There are lots of technicalities that go behind Auto focus. For the matter of simplicity, know there are 3 types of Auto Focus. 
Remember, higher the number of AF points, the more options you will have to choose from. The number of AF points is one important feature to consider when choosing a right DSLR for yourself.
Best DSLR Camera | AF Points | GuruReview
DSLR cameras have different autofocus point modes.  You can use a single point, a group of points, or you can let the camera choose a point for you.
  • Single Point AF Area Mode
  • Dynamic AF Area Mode
  • Auto Area AF

Source of Images  “”