Best Fitness Band or Tracker in India 2019

Technology has made many leaps and have developed countless of tools for us to use. One to the essential things that technology has pushed forward is the medical field. 

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You can easily keep track of your health and stay fit with a smart watch or wristband. Fitness band or tracker are becoming more and more popular with athletes and celebrities using them. Here are the top ten fitness band or tracker in India that are sure to be stylish and affordable.

We suggest that you go through the Fitness Band Buying Guide,which is shared at the end of the article. This will help you to make a informed and right decision.

1. The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

The LETSCOM Fitness Wrist Band HR is on the top of the list when it comes to fitness bands.

  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • In Built GPS
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • Everyday health status
  • Receive call and message notifications
  • Alarms
  • Sedentary alert to remind you to move for refreshment
  • 14-Sport Tracking
  • Supported App – “VeryFitPro”
  • Built-in USB Plug
  • Single charge up to 7 days

This fitness band only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and is rain proof. The batteries will last 5 to 10 days on one charge and has a gps chip built into it. It features a one inch rectangular screen that can easily be customized to show what you want on it. It can track all of your activity along with your sleep cycle to give you insight so you can adjust.

You can see incoming calls and social media notifications as well as take photos. The screen will automatically light up when you turn to face it. The only con of this fitness band is that you need an Android or Apple smart phone to use it. The LETSCOM fitness band is the top of the line.

2. MevoFit Drive-Care ECG Fitness Band

The MevoFit Drive-Care ECG Fitness Band is a classic band that comes in black, red, or blue.

  • Daily activity tracker
  • Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker
  • Notifications Display (Call, SMS and Social)
  • Comes with technology ECG and PPG function. 
  • 4 Sports mode – Walk, Run, Hike and Cycle. 
  • IP 67 water Resistant 
  • Gesture control
  • Works on all popular phone
  • Comes with 1 Year Warranty Claims

It features chip that has the latest and greatest ECG & PPG function to track your ECG and heart rate. It has four fitness modes that can track your running, walking, bike riding, and hiking. 

The MevoFit Drive-Care ECG Fitness Band is great for professional athletes or people who like to train hard. It’s a close second.

3. The BUXAZ FIT 1

The BUXAZ FIT 1 Smart Fitness Band is made for people who like to look luxurious.

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep tracking
  • Monitor Calorie burns, track your distance and steps
  • Alarms and stopwatches
  • Social Media Notifications
  • IP67 Waterproof 
  • Remote Access mobile camera
  • Sync with the apps “Smart Wristband”, “Google Fit” and “Apple Health” for analysing your data.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports Modes
  • Movement Reminder setup
  • 1 Year Exceptional Warranty & Support

It has a black band like a watch would but it holds a golden framed oval screen. On the display is the time, date, and pedometer to show you how many steps you’ve taken. It can also act as a mini social device with it’s built in camera and notifications. 

You can easily see how many calories you’ve burned as well as your sleep schedule. The BUXAZ FIT 1 Smart Fitness Band is an essential for people who like to look good and track their general health. 

4. The WEARFIT WP116

The WEARFIT WP116 smart fitness band comes in black, blue, or red with a rubber wrist band.

  • Tracks steps and distance
  • Tracks calorie burnt and Sleeping quality
  • Remote camera control
  • Data sync to the “Wearfit 2.0” app
  • Continuous Heart rate, Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Auto vibrate Sedentary reminder
  • Soft silica gel band for super comfort
  • Full charge in 1-2 hours
  • 20 days with full power
  • IP 68 waterproof,  handle rain, washing hands
  • Alert phone call, Message & Social by vibrating

You can detach the screen that the band is holding to put it on a personal charger. You can monitor your sleep and workouts and send the data to your smart phone whenever you want. 

It also has social media and phone capabilities if you connect your accounts to it. The WEARFIT WP116 smart fitness band is for people who take their mental or physical health serious.

5. The Noise Colorfit 2

The Noise Colorlift 2 is a nicely made fitness band that is sure to get anybody’s attention.

  • Optical Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep tracking monitor
  • Step and distance Tracking
  • Compatible with iPhones and Android phones
  • Built in USB charge port, there’s no cable to lose, charge from any charger or PC USB port
  • Fitness tracker 
  • 7 days stand by on single charge
  • Smart notifications for incoming calls, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and more
  • Choose up to 3 from 14 different sports modes
  • Optional menstrual cycle for women

It comes in blue, pink, or black with the classic band and hook loop. The vertical rectangle screen is held by a intricately hex designed and doesn’t like bland like other brands. 

It monitors your sleep and workouts and can be connected via Bluetooth to universal devices. The Noise Colorlift 2 is for social people who do a medium amount of working out. 

6. The WearFit GT-103

The WearFit GT-103 is a full touchscreen fitness band that comes in a black rounded square shape.

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen monitor 
  • Steps and Distance Monitor along with Calories burned
  • The Full Touch unique 1.3-inch Colour Screen
  • Silicone band feels super comfortable
  • Stopwatch, Sleep monitor, Sedentary alert , Multi Sports Mode, Lift wrist up wake up.
  • Call Message Reminder, Alarm Reminder, Do not disturb mode, Shake Remote to take photos, Music controller on full touch display.
  • IP67 waterproof 
  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • Full charge in 2 hours, Standby up to 7 days

You don’t have to worry about rain or washing your hands since it’s water proof and can last for up to a week without charging it. It has a graph that shows your blood pressure and heart rate so you can know when to stop and take a break. 

Other features include sleep monitoring, a lift to wake screen, shake to take photos, and social media connectivity. The WearFit GT-103 is a great starting fitness band for competitive people who like to go against their friends.

7. The Honor Band 4

The Honor Band 4 fitness band is a good option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money to track their health.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Multiple Sports Modes: Outdoor & Indoor
  • Daily Activities Tracking: Step count, calories burned, distance covered
  • AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen
  • Huawei Health App to connect the phone
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring
  • 50 meters water resistant
  • Up to 17 days standby on single full charge
  • Target setting & achievement reminder
  • Swimming Posture Recognition
  • Multiple Watch Faces
  • Remote Control Camera
  • Stopwatch & timer,Find your phone,Alarm reminder
  • Smart Notification Reminders

It comes in black or pink and does the general things like monitor your your heart rate and sleep. What makes it unique is the amoled screen display that’s scratch proof. 

It can display the time, date, weather, battery life, and more. One charge will last you 17 days and it’s water proof up to 50 meters. The Honor Band 4 is meant for the casual people who want to know how healthy they are.

8.The Enhance Ultimate M2S

The Enhance Ultimate M2S fitness band is good for anyone who likes comfortable accessories.

  • Monitor the Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Concentration
  • Monitors Sleep and Analyze Sleep quality 
  • Monitor steps, sports time, distance and calories.
  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Provide notifications
  • Unique USB Charging Design
  • One-time fully charged,it can be used normally for 3-7 days and the standby for one month
  • Smart Notification for call, message and social
  • Sedentary reminder, Alarm 
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Work with your cell phone GPS

It’s a black band connected to rectangular oled display. On the display is a dial clock and date on the top. Something that this fitness band does that not a lot of others do is tell you your blood oxygen levels. 

It can also count the calories you burned, steps you’ve taken, and how long you sleep. The Enhance Ultimate M2S is for people who want a mixture of fitness, affordability, and a social aspect. It covers everything you need.

9. The Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 3 is a simple fitness band that’s great for people who like black bands.

  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep analysis
  • Advanced step tracking
  • Up to 7-9 days of battery life 
  • Use Mi-Fit App to connect the phone
  • OLED touch screen
  • Smart Notification for call, message and social
  • Find my phone feature
  • Water resistant upto 50 metre
  • Phone Unlock feature (Android Only)
  • Get Idle Alert and Weather Forecast
  • Devices works with Android & iOS
  • View data by simply raising your wrist

The vertical oval screen has white backlight that displays the time and date. Like most of the other fitness bands, the Mi Band 3 is water proof and has a touch screen display. A con of the fitness band is that it can’t take phone calls but you can decline them and see notifications from your social media accounts. 

You also can’t track your heart rate unless you download their custom app, which isn’t that big of a problem. It’s water proof up to 50 meters and has a heart rate monitor for you to keep track of. The Mi Band 3 can last up to 20 days on a single charge.

10. The MUZILI Smart Fitness Band

The Muzili Smart Fitness Band is a sleek fitness band with all the essential features needed to keep track of your health. The band comes in five different colors, purple, black, blue, red, and blueish grey.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Multiple Sports Modes: Outdoor & Indoor
  • Daily Activities Tracking: Step count, calories burned, distance covered
  • LCD Colorful Screen Dispay
  • Huawei Health App to connect the phone
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring
  • IP68 Waterproof and Shooting Control
  • Up to 7-10 days standby on single full charge
  • Target setting & achievement reminder
  • Smart Notification Reminders

It holds a vertical rectangular screen that displays the date and time along with the battery life. You can easily remove the rectangular screen and replace it or the band if either get damaged. It’s been strictly tested to make sure that it’s water proof and doesnt have any glitches. 

What makes this fitness band special is that it has a heart rate curve that monitors you 24/7 so you can see it on a chart and compare it to others.

You can go to bed assured that it will track your sleep and wake you up when needed. The Muzili can also send message and take calls as a phone if you connect it to your smart phone. It has multiple activity modes making it perfect for people who go to the gym or have an athletic lifestyle. 

Fitness Band Buying Guide

What To Look For In A Fitness Band

We know confusing it can be when looking at fitness bands for the first time. All of the different factors and features that fitness bands have can be a little overwhelming.

When looking for a good fitness band make sure that it has enough battery power for your needs. There’s nothin worse than having a fitness band go out of power and die when you’re about to exercise. 

Another thing to look out for is if it logs the data of your activity. If you want to keep track of your heartbeats per minute or how many calories you burn then make sure that your fitness band is compatible for that. 

Something that not a lot of people know about is that your fitness band needs to be made from good material that can’t withstand water. The sweat from your body or arm can get onto the fitness band and if it’s not made of a good material like rubber then it can slip around or get water damage. Having a durable fitness band will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. 

Other features to look out for but are not necessary are if the band keeps track of the date and time, if it has the ability to link to your smart phone or device, and if you can change the band or not.