Top 5 Tips for Professional Birthday Photography

Top 5 Tips for Birthday Photography

This on Birthday Photography is designed to help casual and professional photographers to capture stunning photos for birthday parties. Information shared has been collated based on inputs shared by several professional photographers and our discussion with several clients on what they expect from such photo shoots. You may not be professional or doing this for earning, but a nice beautiful photograph will put a smile on your beloved face. So, its worth giving it a try !!

Birthday Photography : Tips for lighting

First and most important of the top 5 tips for birthday photography is Light. It has greatest  impact in photography. Sharpness, contrast, grain and overall quality of photo depends on it. Hence, always ensure that you are standing such that light falls directly from your back onto the person or object you are about to photograph. However, sometimes it may not be in your control, in such cases use flash light but don’t overdo it.

Key Camera Settings for professional results

Aperture2.8 to 4 is good for bokeh
ISOKeep it less than 3200
Shutter SpeedMinimum 1/125th of sec

Birthday is important !!!

Birthday is an important day of everyone’s life, and they cannot be ignored. Whether a kid, teen, young or old we want people to wish us on our birthday and at least cut a cake big or small.

However, when it comes to memories, photos have a special place. Assume having captured images of every birthday since your 1st birthday and playing it, will it not be fantastic!!

Don’t you want your loved ones to have same? Take out your camera and capture the sweet moments and gift them back with a beautify album. 

birthday photography Gurureview Baloons

Birthday Photography : Food and Decoration

Host puts a lot of effort in planning food, decorating and return gifts. So, don’t forget to capture at least few of them at the very beginning. Ask the host to pose for you as the party is beginning. They have spent good amount of time and money in getting things right, by asking them to pose, you are admiring their effort. They will love it.

birthday photography Gurureview

Capturing Cake Cutting

Most important event of the day, yes off course Cake cutting!! Be in front of the cake and possibly no one blocking your view. Moments to capture, blowing off candles, Cutting the cake, sharing of cake and if faces with cake all over it (if it’s a wild party 😊). Try and click at least two photos for each of these moments to be double sure. Capturing the moments correctly is second most important tip of the top 5 tips for birthday photography.







Expressions and Smile

Facial Expressions especially smiles and laughter – Everyone loves to see their best part on a camera. So, always capture people smiling, laughing and enjoying as that is the moment everyone wants to remember. Especially Kids when they are in playful mode and laughing and playing, they make the most admired photos. 

birthday photography Gurureview Boy Playing

So that’s it, you are now ready to get then all together and create a beautiful album. You can do it your self through mobile apps or use online services provided to print your photos in beautiful albums. Check out, they have some beautiful options. Also do not forget to check our featured article on personalized gifts, it will help you to print photo and gift at very reasonable cost.

Birthday Photography : Sweet Moments

After cake cutting when kids play it’s the most fun part. Capture kids running, playing, sitting on ground and pulling and pushing each other. Get people in groups and click group photos where possible.

birthday photography Gurureview Children Photo