What is Full Form of DSLR ?

The full form of DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. Dslr Camera to a great extent replaced the film-based SLRs during the year 2000. Difference between both the cameras is that DSLR uses digital sensors while SLR uses film.

Even today, DSLR is the favorite camera among many photographers.

DSLR cameras’ closest competitor is Mirrorless cameras, which started in 2010. Though Mirrorless cameras started with very limited features, but in recent times it out-performs DSLR, only problem is that they cost very high.
DSLR Full Form Gurureview
In 1969, Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith invented digital imaging technology. They received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2009 for their contribution.
In 1981, Sony unveiled an analog electronic camera named Sony Mavica. It had interchangeable lenses and an SLR viewfinder.
In 1986, Nikon revealed a prototype for the first DSLR camera, the Nikon SVC.
In 1988, Nikon released the first commercial DSLR camera, the QV-1000C.

What is DSLR Camera

DSLR camera uses a mirror to divert light from a lens to a viewfinder and a sensor at the same time. Hence the name Single Reflex Lens. Reflex design of DSLR camera is the key distinction between DSLR and other cameras.
DSLR uses a single lens that is interchangeable. The mount of these Lens are different for different companies. You will need to buy Lens specific to the mount type of your camera body.

How DSLR Camera Works

As shown in the diagram, light travels through the lens to the viewfinder and the image sensor at the same time. The light falls on the image sensor for a fraction of a second when we press the camera’s “click button”.
The light, as it falls on the image sensor, leaves a digital footprint that forms a digital image.
DSLR has various parts as given below:
  • Proprietary lens mount (Point 1). This is an interchangeable lens
  • Mirror to reflect light (Point 2, exactly at a 45-degree angle)
  • Shutter to allow light to an image sensor (Point 3)
  • Image sensor to capture light (Point 4) 
  • In parallel, light from the lens passes through a matte focusing screen (Point 5)
  • Then through a condenser lens (Point 6)
  • Light travels through a pentaprism (Point 7)
  • Finally, showing image through an optical viewfinder eyepiece (Point 8)
dslr full form gurureview

Source: Wikipedia

Best DSLR Brands

Japanese companies dominate the DSLR market and the manufacturers of Best DSLR Cameras are: 

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Olympus
  • Pentax
  • Sony

Other manufacturers of DSLR include

  • Mamiya
  • Sigma
  • Leica (German) and
  • Hasselblad (Swedish)

Other Types of Digital Cameras

The most prominent type of digital camera kits are
  • Compact camera (Point and Shoot camera)
  • Bridge Camera (Point & Shoot type but with higher Zoom)
  • Mirrorless cameras (Expensive)
  • DSLR Cameras (Most preferred)
    1. Full Frame Cameras (Best for Professionals)
    2. APS-C Cameras (Best for beginners)