How to Buy the Best Laptop in India (Buying Guide)

There are many things you will need to balance out when deciding a laptop. Getting an answer to How to Buy the Best Laptop can sometime be confusing. It’s not always about spending money but ensuring to buy a right laptop is most important.
Among all, the main thing is the need for which you need a laptop. But, it is also important to understand and consider the key parameters during the selection process.
During your research, the main terminologies you will hear are RAM size, Processor type, Graphics Card, and disk space. Though these terminologies are easy to understand, the marketing team uses them to over sell.
How to Buy the Best Laptop | Gurureview
During your research, the main terminologies you will hear are RAM size, Processor type, Graphics Card and disk space. Though these terminologies are easy to understand, but, marketing team uses them to over sell.
Hence, it is important to understand these terms and how they impact the Laptop performance. Remember, performance is a relative term and it will depend on what you will use your Laptop for. 
For example, a software engineer working with a huge volume of data will need high memory and CPU than a student working on word and excel documents.
As you read through, you will get to know each of these terms. I have especially tried to avoid too much technical jargon and also suggested best values, so keep reading.
The parameters are not in any specific sequence, so jump to anyone if you want specific information.

1. Screen Size

First thing to look for is screen size. They start from 13-inch, 14 inch or 15 inches. Depending on your need you should get one. Generally, 14 inches is standard and fit in between a small screen and large screen and is suitable for all purpose.
15 inches is good for gaming and watching a movie. They are heavier also, so it is good if you are not travelling much. 13 inches is best if you are a traveller or if you need to carry your laptop a lot or work during transit.

2. RAM

RAM or memory size may vary from 4 GB up to 16 GB. To be honest, 8 GB size is enough for most cases. It fits nicely between high end 16 GB and low end 4 GB. 

Cost wise also, 8 GB is best suited. 8 GB is good for multi-tasking, watching movies or playing games.

3. Hard Disk or Space

Hard drive or space really depends on usage. Some people consume hundreds of GB but are still always short of space, while others need just few hundreds to manage their work.
Another factor to consider is what type of disk you need, hard drive, or SSD. SSD is costly but superior in terms of performance. So, you need to be careful on how you chose.
My general suggestion would be that you go for SSD even if you have to compromise on space. To manage space, you can get an external drive that will be cheap and portable. But ensure you get at least 256 GB of SSD otherwise it will be too less.

4. Graphics Card

If you are a using your laptop for entertainment purpose other than official work, then having a good graphics card is a must. Intel Graphics card is good enough and should be enough for most people.

However, if you want a high-end graphics card for gaming purpose, then we would suggest you go for a gaming laptop which has high-end graphics card.

5. Processor

There is a lot of hype about processor and which one is best. Most used processors from Intel are i5 but given the marketing around processor you can easily get trapped into getting a high-end processor.
This will not only be a cost but also does not add any additional value unless you do huge multi-tasking work. So, take our suggestion, if you are a school going student, i3 is good for you.
If you are a college student, then i5 and only if you are planning to use your laptop for professional use of lots of work on movie editing, gaming software development etc no need to go for i7.

Conclusion - How to Buy Best Laptop

There is no right answer or wrong answer it all depends on what your needs are. We only suggest you be pragmatic as it’s easy to get deviated with all the jargon and end up buying a laptop that is very high end.

So keep our suggestion in mind while you find which laptop is best for you. Also, we a  decent and detailed article on Best laptop in India, check it out. 

We suggest, you go through the youtube link we have shared below, which is informative and cover few other aspects to consider.

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